Our bidding programme has three main themes:

THE ART OF NATURE is about exploring art in – or from – an arctic perspective. Building on the idea of being one with nature and the environment, as opposed to hiding from it. We are programming projects and events that bring art into the nature, and vice versa. We want to articulate our responsibility of the nature we are part of.

FISH AND SHIPS is about our history, and through the programme we are taking aim at communicating both the story of living in Nordland, and how our story is still living all around us today – our living (hi)story. The story of stockfish trade that has made such an important contribution to the development of our nation, and how it’s still a living part of our everyday life when the fishing boats and factory trawlers dock right in the Bodø city centre.

It also looks at and shares with a number of European partners our Cold War history and how it has impacted on our collective consciousness and confidence.


Photo: Dan Mariner

TRANSITION is highlighting connections with city development and capacity building projects. The towns and centres of Nordland have adapted to change through history, surviving the rise and fall of the industrial era, becoming modern societies. In the years coming we will again be challenged, as we are developing a smart, sustainable region.

Transition also relates to our ambition to build on and develop a number of regional festivals and events. Currently they are good, but they can be better. By investing in their development between now and 2024, they can move from good to great in 2024. Great too as a long-term legacy of quality international festivals which continue to work with European partners and draw larger and more diverse audiences.

Photo: Dan Mariner

From a cold war target
to a European cultural hub.
We are articulating an arctic perspective
on today and tomorrow
through borderless culture.
With respect for our histories,
the land and the sea,
aiming for new horizons.